Our Vision & Mission


Senior Pastors/Apostolic Overseers

Lincoln and Lynetta Dent



Romans 5:17 For if by one man’s offense death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ



To Boldly Xpress the Creativity of God  

Rick Joyner said it best when he wrote, Art belongs to God and God is going to take art back. That’s the vision God has placed in our  hearts for MegaGrace Live; to take back what the enemy has stolen in the arts and entertainment mountain by Boldy Xpressing the Creativity of God. For years countless creative christian individuals have been told by some that it’s ungodly to desire  a career in films, acting, producing, fashion, design, etc. Others have been told to tone it down and it doesn’t take all that to serve God. We beg to differ. We believe it takes all that plus some.



Here at MegaGrace Live through films, music, plays, art, writing, poetry, design, sports and  other diverse forms of artistic expression we are going to worship our God and Xpress boldly and radically, in the earth the creativity of God. We will awaken the hearts of those that have lost their creative edge and passion for God due to religious programming and structures. Thousands will come to know Jesus Christ in a new profound way. This ministry will host several artistic training conferences, seminars, exhibits and contest throughout the year. These events are designed to empower these anointed artist with the necessary skill, knowledge and professionalism that will be required to effectively engage in the arts and entertainment mountain without compromising their belief in Jesus Christ.
Mega Grace Live
Here at Mega Grace Live, individuals are encouraged to Boldy Xpress their God Given Creativity through visual arts, fashion, design, dance, music, filmmaking, acting, producing, singing, writing, sports and other diverse forms of artistic expression.
We believe that creativity is a supernatural gift from God and should be allowed to flow freely in our churches and in the world. When creative flow led of Holy Spirit is removed from a church or individual’s life the result is stagnation, loss of energy, zeal, excitement and no growth.

Therefore MegaGrace Live is committed to awakening and unleashing the artistic potential that is housed in those that have lost their dream, creative edge and passion for God due to religious programming and structures.