apostledentre Dr. Lincoln Dent is an author, entrepreneur, conference speaker, and spiritual advisor to many Pastors, business professionals, politicians and athletes. He serves as the overseer of Breaker Anointing Ministries and MegaGrace Live Church in Jackson, Tn., along with his wife Lynetta. Together they travel the country as a tag team duo preaching the Kingdom of God and setting the captives free. They have been married twenty two years and have three children.

Lincoln Dent’s passion to see the Kingdom of God expanded into all spheres of life stems from a past of alcohol addiction, poverty and family dysfunction. Gifted with a strong apostolic, prophetic and teaching anointing, Apostle Dent travels the country training and equipping churches and individuals to function in Breakthrough power. He is progressively taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world with signs, wonders and miracles following.

To many he is known as miracle man, due to countless manifestations of physical healings, prophetic accuracy and deliverances from generational addictions and bondages. His entrepreneurial spirit and unconventional ministry methods have enabled him to move beyond the four walls of the church taking the message of the Kingdom of God into film, music, and other business and political arenas.

In addition to his experience Lincoln Dent has a B.A. in Christian Counseling, a Masters in Divinity and a Doctorate in Theology.

The Dent’s have been featured guest on CBN 700 Club and TBN.